Air Conditioning Services in Denver, Colorado

Today many people don’t give the proper maintenance to their air conditioning. However, it’s not always a matter of being able to conveniently cool a home. In the heat of summer, cooler temperatures can be life-saving for some. When the air conditioner is broken then your home can turn into a miserable place in an instant. Fortunately, there are several measures that you can take to mitigate such breakdowns and give your air conditioning unit a longer life.

How can air conditioning services can help you?

Air conditioning experts have what it takes to keep AC units working at full capacity by applying the proper repairs and performing routine maintenance. At least once a year or before the summer temperatures climb, it is advised that air conditioning units undergo a maintenance check. Faulty air conditioning units tend to underperform as the outside temperature rises.

Professionals performing air condition services will:

  • replace or clean the air filter
  • recalibrating the thermostat
  • checking for leaks
  • straighten coil fins
  • remove debris from in and around the unit
  • look for safety hazards, clean the coils
  • measuring refrigerant liquid levels

Since these professionals are knowledgeable about everything related to air conditioning, then they can easily assess the problem and inform the homeowner of the different ways that it can be solved. The technicians also remain up-to-date on best practices, safety, and how best to communicate knowledge to the clients with whom they work with. They will get your home to working order again and explain to you how to keep it like that.

When should you call a professional?

There are some problems with an AC unit that can be easily detected while some of them can be subtle. While a few fixes and upkeep are simple for any homeowner to do, others are best left to the experts. Not exclusively would they be able to get your home rapidly fully operational once more, however they are progressively acquainted with how air conditioners work and are less inclined to commit an expensive error. Below are a few indications of when to call a professional.

Home is too hot

If the temperature in your home is still high even after turning on the AC, blocking sunlight and enabling airflow through your home, that might be a sign that your unit is broken. If the vents don’t blow out cool air, definitely call a professional to help fix the problem.

There are uneven temperatures throughout the home

Truth be told rooms that are higher up usually become the hottest. The rising heat is one of the many reasons for this happening. While this is normal, what isn’t normal is experiencing extremely different temperatures in different rooms throughout the house. This is usually a sign that vents, ductwork, or even the filter itself are problematic. When it comes to the basics such as swapping old air filters for new ones, this can easily be done by the homeowner. However, the harder jobs such as investigating the ductwork and cleaning the entire unit thoroughly should only be done by a proper service professional in the industry who is highly experienced.

Energy bills are extraordinarily high

When you get an unusually higher energy bill this may signal that double the efforts are exerted by your unit. Your air conditioner may be working harder than it should because of a crack in a window or door seal, a leak in the ductwork, dirty coils inside the unit. An AC professional should have no trouble finding the cause of your mounting electrical bills if it has anything to do with your air conditioning system.

There is restricted airflow

A weak airflow can’t cool a house so there could be something wrong. Have a professional check to see if the compressor is not working or if there’s a problem with the ducts.

The thermostat is not working

It is very frustrating when the thermostat doesn’t work but everything else does. The professional can make an inspection on the wiring, calibrate the readings of the temperature and repair the AC unit.

You experience loud noises or bad smells

Grinding and scratching noises from the AC unit should concern homeowners enough to call an expert as soon as possible. They will be able to make the necessary repairs before too much damage is done. Awful stenches originating from the vents can likewise flag that something has turned out badly. This bad smell may be due to musty mold or burnt wires there.

The unit is leaking

If you have observed that there is a leak in the unit it is best to have a professional see it right away. Leaks can sometimes be caused by water condensation in tubes, but they usually contain poisonous refrigerant liquid. One should always be concerned with a liquid leak and have a professional see it right away.