Whole House Surge Protection in Denver, Colorado

While many homeowners know to purchase quality surge protector power strips for their most expensive devices, this isn’t always enough to protect every appliance and device in the home. Power surges can be a problem for homes in Denver, and it’s always a good idea to do what you can to keep your appliances safe. 

Whole house surge protection is a good solution to help protect your home from both internal and external power surges. At Mac-Vik Plumbing & Heating, we can install surge protection in your home as needed to help extend the life of your appliances and devices and keep them from being damaged by a power surge.

Every home needs whole home surge protection. Schedule your installation today by calling Mac-Vik Plumbing & Heating or filling out an online form. 

Do You Need Surge Protection? 

Because power surges are invisible, you may not realize the effect that they are having on your home and your possessions. When lightning strikes or systems turn on and off in your home, they can cause power to spike. Without surge protection, your devices and appliances are going to absorb these spikes. 

Large power surges can cause your possessions such as televisions, kitchen appliances, and more to become damaged. Smaller power surges can cause damage over time, reducing the lifespan of your cell phones, gaming systems, and computers. Surge protection is a good way to make sure you get the most out of your purchases without having to continually replace them. 

Three Types of Surge Protection

Because power surges can come from both inside and outside the home, it’s important to have several layers of surge protection to keep everything safe. Here are the three types of residential surge protectors that you can use in your home. 

Type 1 Surge Protection

This type of power surge protector is installed at the base of your meter. Its function is to protect your whole home from external power surges that can come from lightning strikes or power outages. About 20% of power surges are external so this is a good first line of protection. 

Type 2 Surge Protection

The next line of defense is a type 2 whole home surge protector. These devices are installed onto your electrical panel. They catch any external power surges that your type 1 surge protector misses, and they also help to protect your home from the other 80% of power surges that come from inside your home. Internal power surges can happen when appliances such as air conditioners, furnaces, or even microwaves and hair dryers turn on and off. 

Type 3 Surge Protection

Some of the most susceptible devices in your home are your TV, computers, gaming systems, phones, and tablets. Your large appliances such as your washer and dryer, refrigerator, and oven, can also be affected by power surges. Type 3 surge protection should be installed to help protect these devices from smaller power surges that can cause wear and tear over time. They can come in the form of power strips, or they can also be installed as special power surge receptacles. 

Whole House Surge Protection Installation in Denver

At Mac-Vik Plumbing & Heating, we specialize in the installation of surge protection for homes in Denver. We can install surge protection receptacles in places that won’t support a power strip such as behind your washer and dryer. We can also install whole house surge protection onto your electrical panel and meter box. With every power surge protector we install, we can help you protect thousands of dollars worth of electrical equipment and devices. 

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We are family-owned and operated, and we have been providing home services in Denver since 1962. With more than 50 years of experience and thousands of positive reviews, we have become a trusted household name. Let us know how we can help you with our residential surge protection in Denver. 

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