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Tankless Water Heater Repair in Denver, CO

Tankless water heaters are durable, low maintenance, and energy efficient. However, as with any appliance, they are subject to issues, and problems can crop up, especially as the heater gets older.

We know how hard it can be for you and your family not to have a steady supply of hot water. If you are experiencing problems with your hot water supply, call us or contact us online to schedule a repair. We will get to you as soon as possible, diagnose the exact nature of the issue, and provide the most cost-effective solution.

Mac-Vik Plumbing and Heating is a family-owned and operated business serving customers in Denver and the surrounding areas for over 50 years. Our EPA-certified, highly skilled technicians specialize in all aspects of water heater repair, maintenance, installation, and replacement.

Signs That You Need a Tankless Water Heater Repair Service

Regular periodic maintenance can keep your tankless water heater in top condition and prolong its lifespan. An under-maintained or older unit can suddenly malfunction. Often, you will notice some warning signs that indicate it’s time to schedule repair services.

Water Is Cold or Lukewarm

Cold or lukewarm water is one of the most common issues you can expect when a tankless water heater malfunctions. It could be due to many reasons, from an overloaded system to a faulty electrical circuit.

Our experts will check the unit thoroughly, troubleshoot, and provide you with an accurate diagnosis. Our priority is to repair the heater as quickly as possible with the least inconvenience to you and your loved ones.

Water Is Discolored and Has a Bad Odor

Water has many dissolved natural minerals in it. Over time, minerals start accumulating in the system with continued use of the tankless water heater. This buildup can cause the water to be discolored and give it an unpleasant smell. An excessive level of mineral deposits in the unit can cause significant damage to the heat exchanger.

If you notice that your water is not clean, schedule a quick checkup with Mac-Vik Plumbing and Heating, a reliable tankless water heater company in Denver, CO, and take care of the issue.

Water Temperature Is Too Hot

There might be a problem with the thermostat or the temperature sensor if the water is boiling. The water can overheat with a clogged filter, which can cause a blockage in the flow. The failure in the heating element can lead to excessive heating of the equipment, which will eventually lead to a complete breakdown of the system.

Cold or Hot Water Sandwich

You might have experienced the dreadful cold water sandwich phenomenon, where you are treated to intermittent bursts of hot and cold water. This could happen if someone else has used the shower right before you.

A tankless water heater heats up water instantaneously and does not have a reserve of hot water on standby like traditional water heaters.

Our experts at Mac-Vik Plumbing and Heating can check your unit for any signs of damage and make cost-effective recommendations, so you never have to deal with a cold water sandwich again.

A Leaking Tankless Water Heater

You might notice water leaking from your heater, which could be due to a broken valve or a problem with the plumbing. Our talented technicians specialize in water heater repair services and will seek out and resolve the problem. Don’t let a leaking unit linger; it could potentially lead to significant damage and increased costs.

Your Gas Tankless Water Heater Is Not Igniting

Lack of ignition is another common problem with a gas tankless water heater. It could be a malfunctioning gas valve or damage to the wiring, sensors, fuse, or another electrical component. There might be a buildup of debris on the burner.

Avoid a gas heater that won’t light by scheduling regular preventative maintenance, which can extend the life of your equipment and save money on energy bills.

Timely and Trusted Tankless Water Heater Repair

You might experience issues like inconsistent water temperature or an ignition failure. Or, your water heater might have an unexpected breakdown. Regardless of the problem, our skilled technicians can get to you as soon as possible to restore your water heater to an optimal working state.

Mac-Vik Plumbing and Heating is your trusted local tankless water heater company. Our team of licensed technicians is highly trained and knowledgeable, and we’ve been serving customers in the Denver area for decades.

With our transparent, up-front pricing and a 12-month warranty on all services, you can rest assured you’ll receive honest, reliable service.

When you contact us, ask about our affordable maintenance program. Save substantially in repair costs and enjoy the warranty that comes with our services. As a Club Mac member, you can take advantage of priority scheduling and special discounts on all installations, replacements, and repairs.

Never go without hot water again. For timely, dependable, and affordable tankless water heater repair in Denver, CO, Mac-Vik Plumbing and Heating is your top choice.

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