Professional HVAC Repair in Golden, CO

In a climate that can experience a wide variety of temperatures and weather changes throughout the year, a proper HVAC system is a necessity to keep your family safe and comfortable. Whether you need a complete replacement or are looking for preventative care, Mac-Vik Plumbing and Heating has the HVAC services you need in the Golden, CO area – without the hefty prices.

Air Conditioning Services in Golden

AC units need more than an occasional switched-out filter. While some problems can be fixed by the homeowner, others need more in-depth work. If your home is too hot or your energy bill is sky high, your unit could be broken. If some rooms are warmer than others, you might need the ductwork or vents looked at. And if you’re hearing loud noises, experiencing a bad smell, or seeing a leak from your unit, call us immediately. These could be signs of mold, burning wires, or a leak of poisonous refrigerant liquid. Save yourself from an expensive or dangerous error and let our friendly professionals take a look!

AC Tune-Up

All AC units go through regular wear and tear. But the last thing you need is to sweat it out, waiting for a professional to fix preventable issues. An annual check-up for your AC unit before the summer months is the best way to beat the problem before it begins.

Issues with the thermostat often signal problems with the wiring. Meanwhile, bad smells from a unit that’s been at rest all winter might be a sign of the need for ductwork cleaning due to dust and mold. Our professionals in the Golden, CO area can safely fix the matter or help you to determine if that climbing energy bill is a sign that it’s time to upgrade to a new AC model.

Ductless AC

For homes without AC ducts or houses with old and overused parts, installation prices for new duct systems can seem astronomical. Instead, you might opt to install a ductless mini-split AC system. This energy-efficient solution allows “cool zones” to be created in your home through the use of multiple thermostats. You’ll only pay to cool off the areas of the home you’re using at the time (a perfect solution for those with guest rooms!).

Ductless AC systems are safer than window units (which are vulnerable to pests and break-ins), and they are capable of switching to a heating mode during the winter months. Simultaneously sophisticated and simple, these efficient systems pull air from the room, cool it with a refrigerant, and push cool air back into your space.

Ductless AC systems only require a small space indoors and units can be mounted on the wall near the ceiling. Ready to install? While these systems are easy-to-use, they do have dangerous parts and toxic materials within. Don’t mess with a DIY. Give us a call instead!

AC Installation

Air conditioners have many purposes. They filter pollen and dust, remove moisture from the air, improve your sleep, and protect your expensive electronics. Most importantly, they fight against dangerous levels of heat.

For those with vulnerable family members, air conditioning can be lifesaving. Don’t let fear of high costs keep you from having the essentials during the hot summer months. Our friendly professionals can help you decide on an affordable system based on factors like your lifestyle, budget, and home setup.

Golden, CO Heating Services

In Golden, CO, the winters are brutally cold, with temperatures that can reach far below the freezing point. A malfunctioning or broken heating system is not only uncomfortable but can also be dangerous, posing a threat of hypothermia or severe illness.

No matter what its expected “lifetime” might be, it’s important to get your heating unit checked out yearly before the winter months to ensure that no issues will arise as temperatures drop. Our experts know exactly what to look for, whether you heat your home with an old-school pellet stove or a more modern furnace. They’ll ensure everything is clean and in functioning order, while also checking for heating-related dangers like carbon monoxide.

Furnace Installation 

Time for a new furnace? Whether you choose an electric, gas, or oil furnace, you’ll want to know the costs you might expect in the future. While electric furnaces are smaller, they are subject to the costs of electricity in the area.

Gas furnaces are cheaper and can connect to a municipal line, but need more maintenance. Oil is a necessity for those that cannot connect to a municipal line. However, oil-based furnaces are less effective, leading to higher energy bills.

If you’ve expanded your home, you will likely need an upgraded furnace to heat that extra space. When deciding on a furnace to install in your home, an expert can help you choose the best model for your space. They can also advise on more energy-efficient units for long-term savings.

Furnace Replacement

Furnaces generally have a 20-year lifespan. This often lulls homeowners into a false sense of security. They forget how long it’s been since their unit was installed or think that their long-living units need less maintenance.

While regular inspection is our recommendation, there a few signs that it’s time for a change. If your space is heated unevenly, your repairs on an old unit are adding up, or you’re noticeably paying more for your heating due to an overworked unit, you might actually save money by investing in a new furnace.

Additionally, squealing or popping sounds and carbon monoxide leakages indicate the need for a new furnace. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms or disorientation, call a professional to check for carbon monoxide leaks.


Of all home appliances, boilers are among the most expensive to replace. However, avoiding the issue can cause dangerous conditions in the home that are not only pricey but can often be deadly, too.

While newer boiler models lead the way in energy efficiency, regular maintenance is still vital. If your boiler is making bumping or clanging noises, it could mean that mineral deposit build-ups are occurring. A strange smell or dark spots around the base of the unit could indicate a variety of dangerous leaks. And if you’re noticing a flickering pilot light or yellow tint to the flame, deadly carbon monoxide might be coming from your boiler.

Furnace Repair

Your furnace needs to be serviced at least once a year to prevent far more expensive repairs and replacements. With proper cleaning, you can prevent allergens from being released into your home. Having your air ducts and blowers cleaned (pieces that your AC unit also needs to be cleaned), can let you kill two birds with one stone.

If your furnace is running continually, you’re experiencing inconsistent heating throughout the home, or you’re hearing strange noises, give us a call. A friendly Golden technician will be at your door in a snap to ensure that your home is prepared for the cold winter months.

Furnace Tune-Up

A furnace is often an appliance that is out of sight, but it shouldn’t be out of mind. While you can reduce the allergens, toxins, and particles in your air by regularly changing the filter, a tune-up of your furnace can make sure that every piece and part is operating at its peak efficiency.

A clean and lubricated furnace is more efficient than a dirty counterpart, and a regular test of the pilot system can ensure that your family is safe from dangerous carbon monoxide. Schedule a cost-effective tune-up with our knowledgeable experts so that you can prevent costly repairs down the road!