Furnace Installation in Denver, CO

Are you looking to get your home ready for winter? Is your current furnace old and finicky? A new furnace installation with Mac-Vik Plumbing & Heating could make all the difference! 

With our team of highly trained HVAC technicians and selection of high-efficiency furnaces, we can increase your comfort at home while reducing your energy bills.

Furnace Installation Options in Denver, CO

When it comes to furnaces, there are several types to choose from. Each works differently and offers unique benefits, too. 

Our technicians can help you decide which style of furnace would be best for your home, depending on your needs, the structure of your home, and the cost of your utilities. 

If you’re considering a new furnace installation, but price is a considerable barrier for you, Mac-Vik Plumbing & Heating offers competitive financing options to make it easier. 

Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are some of the most common heating sources in the United States. They heat reliably and evenly, pushing heat through the home in a quick, efficient manner. 

Gas furnaces work by igniting natural gas and pushing that heat through a winding set of tubes called a heat exchanger. Once the heat exchanger heats up, a blower motor blows air over the tubes, which then warms the air. This air travels through your ductwork into different rooms in the home. 

When you work with Mac-Vik Plumbing & Heating, you’ll have some of the best and most reliable brands in gas furnaces available to you. When you book an estimate with us, we will inspect your home and provide you with high-efficiency options appropriate for the size of your home. 

Electric Furnaces 

Electric furnaces are slightly less common than gas furnaces, but they work similarly. Instead of a heat exchanger, electric furnaces use heating elements that are powered by electricity. The heat they generate is transferred to the surrounding air, and that air is pushed through your ductwork by the blower motor. 

When you’re considering which type of furnace to select, it’s important to know that electric furnaces are very safe to use, as they don’t have the risk of leaking natural gas. However, they are typically more expensive to run, depending on the rates of your local utilities.

Oil Furnaces

If your Denver, CO, home doesn’t have access to natural gas, and electricity is far too expensive, oil furnaces can be effective heaters. 

Because oil furnaces rely on burning oil for fuel, they tend to be slightly less efficient than natural gas furnaces, but the results are unmistakable. If an oil furnace is right for your home, you will definitely feel cozy.

Could a New Furnace Installation Be Right for You?

We understand that getting a new furnace is a big decision. You might want to hold on for as long as possible to get your money’s worth out of your current heater. In some cases, that can make a lot of sense, but there are some big warning signs to look out for. 

When you spot any of these signs, the most cost-effective solution is to get a new furnace.

High Energy Bills

Pay close attention to your energy bills. If they suddenly go up or if they’ve built up over time to the point where they are suddenly untenable, something is wrong. 

Damage to your furnace can lead to sudden jumps in your energy bills if that damage causes your furnace to become inefficient. 

If your bills have gone up over time, it’s most likely because your furnace is getting old. As a furnace gets older, it loses some of its energy efficiency. 

Eventually, the best thing to do is get a new high-efficiency furnace. The difference in savings from your new furnace will pay for itself in a handful of years.


If your furnace is behaving strangely, it might have become damaged in some way. Cold rooms, uneven heating, constant power cycling, loud sounds, and failing to turn off are all important symptoms to look out for. Strange smells like burning or mildew may indicate serious issues as well.

Frequent Breakdowns

If your furnace can’t turn on without breaking down, it’s probably time to consider a new furnace. Frequent repairs are costly. Over time, the repair bills can quickly become more expensive than a new furnace installation. 

Breakdowns are most common in older furnaces. If your furnace is 15 to 20 years old, it might be a good time to start considering your options.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Carbon monoxide is serious. If your furnace was found to be leaking carbon monoxide during an inspection or if your CO detectors have started beeping, a new furnace could be your best option. 

Other indicators of carbon monoxide leaks include your furnace’s pilot light turning red instead of blue and the members of your household developing flu-like symptoms, along with nausea and headaches.

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