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Best Quality Heat Pump Installation in Denver, CO

Most homeowners in Denver, CO, use forced-air HVAC systems to heat and cool their homes even though heat pump options have been on the market for many decades now.

Heat pump installations are now growing in popularity for a variety of reasons. When properly designed and installed, heat pumps can be affordable to operate, highly comfortable, and environmentally friendly.

Our team at Mac-Vik wants residents of Denver, CO, to have quality and reliable heating and cooling systems year-round. For many homeowners, heat pump installations are a great option when it is time for a heating and cooling unit replacement.

Common Heat Pump Installations

The vast majority of heat pumps run off using electricity. As technology evolves, they are becoming increasingly efficient and affordable to operate. Heat pumps come in a variety of designs and functions.

When it is time for a new installation or a heat pump replacement, consult with a professional about the best choices for your home. Mac-Vik offers heat pump services in the Denver, CO, area. Our team of experienced professionals can help guide you through your best options.

Ducted Air-Source Heat Pumps

Most air-source heat pumps are designed to fit into a previously established duct system in your home. An air-source heat pump transfers heat between your house and the outside air.

Ducted air-source heat pumps are often considered less energy efficient than other heat pump options. Using ductwork will always impact efficiency, but these options have come a long way in the last few years alone.

This option has been available on the market the longest. Ducted air-source heat pumps are currently the most popular option amongst manufacturers. These ducted air-source heat pumps come in the widest variety of all heat pumps. Our technicians can help you consider new options when it is time for a heat pump replacement.

Ductless Air-Source Heat Pumps

Ductless heat pumps are often called mini-split heat pumps. These devices are a great option for homes without existing duct systems. However, they heat and cool much less internal area than the ducted alternatives.

Ductless heat pumps are usually mounted on the wall or in the ceiling. There is an outdoor and indoor unit for each mini-split heat pump installation. Multiple ductless heat pumps will likely need to be used to serve an entire house.

Our installation team can configure this heat pump option in many ways. Ducted and ductless heat pumps can be used simultaneously and are a popular option in large homes or homes that have undergone expansions.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps are set up as either ground-source or water-source heat pumps. They can use the relatively stable temperature of the earth or a body of water to regulate indoor temperature rather than extracting heat from the air.

Ground temperature is warmer than the surface temperature in the winter and colder in the summer. This relationship allows geothermal heat pumps to be a great option for homeowners year-round.

There are many models of geothermal heat pumps, including many hybrid systems. Your property has to be suitable for geothermal heat pump installation in order to apply these solutions to your home.

There are hundreds of options and thousands of potential configurations for heat pumps. Residents of Denver, CO, should contact us at Mak-Vik for the best options for your location and home. 

Benefits of Heat Pump Replacement or Installation

Heat pumps offer considerable benefits as a heating solution, including:

Lower Operating Cost

The operating cost of any heating and cooling system will vary with electric and fuel price changes. Heat pumps are energy-efficient and offer lower operating costs to the homeowner in many cases. 

Uses Cleaner Energy

Heat pumps are electric. Unlike heating oil or gas, which will always produce carbon emissions, electricity from our power grid tends to get cleaner every year. Heat pumps produce fewer emissions than even the best natural gas alternatives. 

Improved Health and Safety

Utilizing combustion-powered appliances adds increased safety concerns, especially when they are improperly managed. Electric heat pumps are simple and safer to operate.

Heat pumps also come with no risk of gas leaks or fumes in the vicinity of your home. Many options are able to filter and dehumidify the air, which will improve the air quality and comfort of your home.

Year-Round Heating and Cooling

Do not let the name fool you; heat pumps can cool your home. With the flip of a switch, the pump will shift from pumping heat into your home to pumping it out. This versatility makes seasonal transitions very simple.

Heat pumps can eliminate the need for separate furnaces and air conditioning systems. Quality heat pump installations are reliable year-round. 

Long Life Span

Heat pumps are often considered simpler and cleaner than traditional HVAC systems. These qualities allow heat pump installations to last longer than most alternatives. The life span of any heating and cooling system will vary based on usage, maintenance, and the model selected.

Heat pumps are more reliable. These units typically require less frequent maintenance, offering homeowners more cost savings. 

Professional Heat Pump Installation

When it is time for a heat pump replacement, reviewing your options with a professional can be very beneficial. New heat pump installations should be professionally designed. Mac-Vik offers heat pump installation services to residents near Denver, CO. Our team can consult you on the best heating and cooling system for your individual needs.

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