Emergency Electrical Services in Denver, Colorado

While some problems in your home may not be very hazardous, electrical problems can pose significant safety concerns for both your home and anyone living in it. Many of the house fires in the county happen because of faulty or improperly installed wiring. That’s why we take electrical repairs seriously at Mac-Vik Plumbing & Heating. 

When it comes to emergency electrical repairs, you need a company that cares about getting you services as quickly as possible. You also want an electrician who will charge fair prices and do the job right so that you don’t have to call another electrician for further repairs. At Mac-Vik Plumbing & Heating, we offer fast emergency electrical services that are carefully performed so that you can have peace of mind any time something goes wrong. 

We are available for 24/7 emergency electrical repairs in Denver. Call anytime at (303) 279-7971 or fill out an online form. 

What to Do in an Electrical Emergency

It’s important to know beforehand what to do if you find yourself with emergency electrical problems. While not all electrical problems put you and your family in immediate danger, they can quickly become serious if there is smoke or water involved. 

If you encounter an electrical fire, make sure to get everyone to safety before calling an emergency electrician. Get everyone out of the house and call 911 for emergency services. Make sure to tell them that it is an electrical emergency. After everyone is safe, you can call an electrician. 

You can use a fire extinguisher on any open flames but never use water. If you can safely do so, you can also turn off the electrical power at your breaker. If you have any flooding near electrical equipment make sure to stay out of the water and call an after-hours electrician as soon as possible. 

Our Emergency Electrical Services in Denver

At Mac-Vik Plumbing & Heating, we know how to deal with everything from dangerous electrical problems to minor issues. To us, any type of electrical problem should be treated as urgent. While not every electrical problem may be causing a shock or fire hazard, any electrical problem has the potential to become dangerous. That’s why we encourage you to call us whether you are seeing sparks and smoke or you are just noticing a flickering light or a faulty outlet. Here are a few of the emergency electrical services that we provide. 

Power Outages

Sometimes power outages can be outside of our control as residential electricians in Denver. Downed power lines, lightning strikes, and vehicle accidents are some of the most common causes. But if you have a power outage that is just in your home and isn’t affecting your neighbors, it might be an internal electrical problem. We can troubleshoot power outages that are happening throughout your home or in one specific area of your home.

Electrical Panel Repair

Faulty electrical panels can often be at the root of electrical problems that are occurring throughout your house. If you have flickering and dimming lights or one or more of your circuits are losing power, your panel might be to blame. We offer emergency repair services as well as electrical panel upgrades. 

Lighting Repair

You shouldn’t have to bring out the candles and flashlights just because your lights have stopped working. As after-hours electricians in Denver, we can come at any time of the day or night to repair lighting problems and bring light back to your home. We work quickly so that you don’t have to go without your lights for long. 


When flooding occurs because of a burst pipe, a leaking roof, or a flooded basement, it’s important to consider your electrical system. Any wiring, electrical equipment, or outlets that are exposed to water need to be inspected by an emergency electrician to ensure that nothing has been damaged and everything is still safe to use. If flooding happens in your home, call us right away.

What Makes Our Emergency Electrical Services Different? 

At Mac-Vik Plumbing & Heating, we have built up our reputation over years of service in the community. For more than 50 years we have helped homeowners to maintain their homes in Denver by offering quality installations and fast emergency electrical services. 

We ensure that you get the quality services you deserve by offering a satisfaction guarantee with everything that we do. We also give military and senior discounts and offer free estimates for all of our services. You can also ask us about our financing options to help with major installations and unexpected repairs. 

Contact Mac-Vik Plumbing & Heating today to find out more about our emergency electrical services in Denver. You can fill out our form online to request information, or call us at (303) 279-7971.