Electrical Wiring & Rewiring in Denver, CO

Homes today are dependent on electricity, so even a short power outage can be inconvenient. As the wiring in the home starts to age, it could end up having more frequent issues, which means repairs are needed to keep the home safe. It is crucial to make sure the wiring in the home is maintained properly and upgraded as needed to keep everything current. It’s also important to make sure the wiring continues to meet all local code requirements, as these are put in place to keep the home safe.

Electrical Wiring & Rewiring services include many different services done by an electrician to help improve or upgrade the wiring in the home. This can include rewiring the whole home, rewiring circuit boards, wiring light switches and outlets, wiring thermostats, and a lot more. If there are any issues with the home or the wiring is starting to be outdated, it’s a good idea to look into residential wiring or rewiring services right away. 

Whole-House Rewiring Service

If the wiring in the home is older, it may need to be replaced. Experts recommend considering residential rewiring if the wiring in the home is more than 20 years old or if it still uses old fuses that aren’t installed anymore. Fuses are outdated and no longer safe to use because of their age, so a wiring upgrade is recommended. Upgrading the electrical wiring may seem like a big job, but it can help protect the home from risks like fires or electrical surges and will ensure the home is up to date with local codes. In some cases, this may be required before a home can be sold. 

Rewiring a Circuit Breaker

All power that comes into the home goes through the circuits in the electrical panel. If the circuit breakers become overloaded, it could result in them frequently tripping, power surges, or a fire. Instead, it’s a good idea to consider rewiring the electrical panel or circuit breakers. Older circuits can also be replaced, ensuring they’ll work as intended if anything happens. 

Wiring Light Switches

Light switches that stop working can be more than an inconvenience. When one no longer works, it may be the wiring that’s causing the problem. Instead of trying to install a new light switch alone, homeowners should call a professional to handle the electrical wiring. It is possible to be shocked while installing a new light fixture, and if it’s not done right, the wiring for the light switch can cause a fire. Working with a professional ensures the job will be done right. 

Wiring Outlets 

Like with light switches, the wiring for outlets can be dangerous to work on, so it is a good idea to let an electrician handle the job. What happens if there aren’t enough outlets in the home? Adding outlets is possible, but there are risks when doing this. If there are too many outlets added to a circuit or if the appliances using the outlets pull too much energy, it could lead to overloading the circuit, causing the breaker to trip and the power to go off.

Adding new outlets is possible, but it does need to be done carefully to minimize the risks. It may be necessary to add circuits to the home to increase the number of outlets or to make sure the outlets are added in the right place, so they don’t lead to overloading. It is best to leave this type of wiring installation to a professional to make sure it’s done right. 

Wiring Thermostats

Upgrading the thermostat may be needed if the older one isn’t working or to upgrade to a smart thermostat. No matter the reason, it does require knowledge of wiring to make sure the job is done right. Issues wiring the thermostat could cause an electrical shock or could end up causing damage to the electrical panel or the HVAC system. Instead, let a professional handle the residential rewiring for the thermostat to make sure it’s done right. 

Top Benefits of Electrical Wiring & Rewiring

Working on residential wiring does require an electrician due to the potential risks. It is important to remember that there are numerous benefits of letting a professional handle Electrical Wiring & Rewiring, including the following. 

  • Reduce Risk of Fire – A faulty electrical wiring installation increases the potential for a fire in the home, which can have devastating results. A professional wiring installation ensures it is done right to help prevent fires. 
  • Increase Power to Home – There may not be enough breakers in the home to allow everything to work properly, but a wiring upgrade can increase the number of circuits and the amount of accessible power. 
  • Prevent Overloaded Circuits – Overloaded circuits can cause the power to go out to certain parts of the home. Adding circuits can help reduce the power load and prevent this from happening. 
  • Meet Electrical Codes – Upgrading the wiring in the home helps everything meet or exceed current residential wiring codes. 
  • Prevent Shocks or Electrocution – Done incorrectly, an electrical wiring installation can lead to shocks or electrocution, but professional services can prevent this. 
  • Get the Job Done Faster – A professional will make sure the job is done quickly. They already have the experience and tools needed to get everything done. 

Cost for Electrical Wiring & Rewiring

The cost may be a concern for homeowners ready to have their homes rewired or to have new wiring installed. The actual cost is going to vary, so it can be difficult to provide an estimate. An electrician can visit the home to see what needs to be done and provide an accurate estimate for the cost of their service. 

In most cases, the cost will depend on how large the project is, how long it will take, what materials are needed, and how easy it is to access the wiring. Electricians will work to minimize the damage to the home, the labor needed, and the overall cost as much as possible, but larger or more complex jobs will be more expensive. 

How Long Does it Take?

The size of the project is going to dictate how long the job will take. Rewiring an outlet or switch generally doesn’t take a long time, but rewiring a whole home may take a few days, depending on the layout of the home’s electrical system, how easy it is to access the wiring, and more. An electrician can provide a more accurate assessment of how long a particular job will take so homeowners can plan for it. 

Repairing Faulty Wiring

Frequent power outages can be a sign that the wiring inside the home is too old or is starting to break down. As wires age, they can degrade, which can increase the potential for power surges in the home or electrical fires. Older wiring just wasn’t designed to handle the electrical load most homes have today. If the wiring is older and starting to experience issues, it’s important to have the home rewired as soon as possible. If the electrical panel has fuses instead of circuit breakers, now is the time to have the home rewired before there start to be more issues. 

Electric wiring is vital for homes today, so when something goes wrong, or it is getting older and starting to wear out, it’s a good idea to schedule Electrical Wiring & Rewiring as soon as possible. Mac-Vik Plumbing & Heating provides expert electrical services and can help with any wiring or rewiring services your home may need. Call today to schedule a service.