Electrical Safety Inspections in Denver, CO

Most people give little thought to the electrical systems in their homes. When you plug a device in, you expect it to work. When it doesn’t, you call an electrician for help. Avoid problems such as this by requesting an electrical inspection from Mac-Vik Plumbing and Heating. During a residential electrical inspection in Denver, CO, we look for minor issues that may escalate. With our help, you save on electrical repairs. 

Our electricians understand how important an electrical safety inspection is for keeping your loved ones and home safe. They examine every component within the electrical system to ensure it works properly. We provide them with an electrical inspection checklist to ensure this is the case. Upon completion of the home electrical inspection, we share our findings and recommendations for repairs, upgrades, and improvements. 

Ensure your home’s electrical safety! Schedule a comprehensive electrical safety inspection today with Mac-Vik Plumbing and Heating in Denver, CO. Call (303) 279-7971 now or contact us online and experience peace of mind!

When Should You Request an Electrical Inspection?

Most homeowners know local authorities require a residential electrical inspection when a home is first built. However, the county or city inspector might miss one or more problems within the system. Having a follow-up electrical safety inspection after moving into a home is always wise. 

The same holds when you have work done to your home. Any home improvement project may affect the electrical system. Call us for a home electrical inspection when the work is complete, and we will ensure everything is up to code.

Electrical inspections are also needed on a regular basis to ensure that your system is working properly and safely. Our technicians use an electrical inspection checklist when completing an inspection to ensure that all components are working and keeping up with your electrical demands.

Maintaining Your Electrical System

Our electrical inspection services help you maintain the electrical system in your home while reducing the risk of problems. You won’t wait until your car breaks down to take it in for a tune-up. Twice-yearly dental visits keep your teeth and gums healthy, and you need to visit your physician annually for a complete check-up. The same holds for the electrical system in your home. 

Call today and schedule your electrical inspection, so there are no concerns with this system in your home. An easy way to remember to schedule this inspection is to put it on the calendar and set a yearly reminder. Doing so ensures you never overlook this important task. 

Fire Hazards

We look for certain things when completing an electrical inspection. If the builder constructed your home in the 1970s, you may have aluminum wiring. As aluminum wiring expands and contracts more than copper wiring, connections may loosen and lead to a fire hazard. We recommend having an electrical inspection yearly to check the connections. 

Older homes, those 40 years of age or older, often lack the voltage needed for modern technology. An overloaded system increases the risk of electrocution or residential fire. If our electrician finds any concerns during the electrical inspection, they share this information with you so that a plan can be developed to fix the issues and eliminate the safety hazards. 

Why You Need an Electrical Inspection

If the contractor built your home over two decades ago, you need to call an electrician for an inspection. Call us for an inspection when you install a large appliance or are remodeling. Power surges and flickering lights show that there is a problem with the system and you need an inspection. Hot or tripping breakers lead to the need for an inspection, and any person buying or selling a home will want to have the electrical system inspected. 

Choose Mac-Vik Plumbing and Heating for Electrical Safety Inspections in Denver, CO

Mak-Vik Plumbing and Heating is your trusted partner for all your electrical inspection needs. With over 65 years of experience serving homeowners in the area, we take pride in delivering top-quality service and ensuring the safety of your electrical systems.

Whether you require a comprehensive electrical safety inspection, an assessment of your wiring and circuits, or an inspection for a specific project, our skilled team is ready to assist you. We understand that every home is unique, and our experts are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to tailor our services to your specific requirements.

Prioritize your home’s electrical safety today! Book a comprehensive electrical safety inspection with Mac-Vik Plumbing and Heating in Denver, CO. Dial (303) 279-7971 or conveniently reach us online to schedule an appointment today.