Professional Water Heater Service

Denver, CO Professional Water Heater Services

Whoever has faced a water heater issue knows how much trouble it can lead to a house. Most appliances need hot water to run properly, and cold showers are highly unpleasant. Aside from stopping people from being able to do some of the tasks in the home, this situation can also cause damage and leaks.

Repairing emergency water heaters requires a skilled technician’s expertise to get home to function effectively once again. It is time to call a quick and reliable professional if a water heater leaks or does not work as planned.

Common Problems With Water Heaters

A water heater must provide equal amounts of hot water every day. However, if you notice a big change in the amount of hot water produced you need to call a technician the soonest. Problems that some homeowners can have with their hot water heater includes a shortage or lack of hot water, foul-colored water, bad odors, loud sounds coming from the unit, and leaks.

No Hot Water

Depending on the unit, there may be a few different issues that cause a lack of hot water. For a unit that is running on gas that is not making hot water then one of the possible causes of it is the non-ignition of its pilot light. For a heater that runs on electricity one of the cause of it not being able to heat water is a breaker that has tripped. Typically a professional will be able to easily diagnose the issue and do repairs on the unit.

Little Hot Water

If it appears that the home always runs out of hot water, the tank could be too small for the needs of the home or there could be a defective part that needs to be replaced. There are times when there is a need for the thermostat to be raised. Once more, a professional will be able to expertly identify and fix the issue.

Discolored Water

When there is discoloration in the water this can point to some issues. One of the signs can be rusty colored water which indicates corrosion on the anode rod. When you have this replaced then this will already clear up the issue. If you leave it alone, then the corrosion can lead to a leak in the unit, which can further damage it.

If the hot water coming out of your faucets is dirty, but not rusty, the cause could be a buildup of minerals on the heating elements or elsewhere within the unit. If the unit is maintained and checked regularly this can prevent buildup from affecting its efficiency.

Smelly Water

If your tap water smells like sulfur, there are likely bacteria in it. If you smell sulfur in your water, you should get a new anode rod. Just to be sure, turn your water heater up to 140 degrees in order to finish killing off any leftovers from the bacteria.

Strange Noises

There may be a buildup of mineral deposits inside the tank or on the heating elements if you’re hearing odd noises coming from your water heater. A unit will be less efficient in heating water when this issue occurs, and can even lead to a leak if the problem is within the tank.


It is never a good sign to have a leaking unit in the home. Loose pipes or a failed valve may be responsible for your water heater leaking from the top. Over-pressurization, condensation, loose drain valve, or corrosion in the tank itself can signal a problem from the bottom. A complete replacement of the tank may be necessary if it is cracked or corroded.

Replacement and Installation

If your water heater has just been used for a few years then its problem may be simple to repair. If your unit is older, issues may have more to do with wear and corrosion on parts. When you have a water heater that is already ten years old then you simply need to get its replacement already. Units that are newer will have fewer repair needs and they will lead to a lower energy bill for you.

Should the time arrive to have to get a new water heater, the experts and professionals will be able to guide and advise you best through the entire process. Many homes are built solely for gas or electric water heaters, so options based on energy sources may be minimal. It is strongly advised to take a look at the units which are tankless in order to see if there are any which may work out to meet your needs.