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When it comes to heating your home, a boiler is a real workhorse. They can last for years, working exactly like they should with just a bit of regular maintenance. That’s the good news. The bad news is that eventually, you’re going to need boiler repair. When that happens, you can count on us to do the job right at a reasonable price.

Signs You Need Boiler Repair in Denver

How do you know when you need boiler repair services? If your heat stops working entirely, you’ll know it’s time to call us in to troubleshoot and fix the problem. There are other symptoms of boiler trouble as well.

Ideally, we’d rather help you out before an issue causes a full breakdown. That’s why we recommend that Denver homeowners keep an eye out for the following warning signs:

Strange Noises

If your boiler makes loud banging, gurgling, or whistling noises, please don’t dismiss that as age or the system simply working hard. These are signs that something is wrong. Don’t wait for serious damage to occur. Make a service call today so that we can send a boiler repair expert your way.


If you notice signs of leaking around your boiler, that could indicate a wide range of issues. The problem could be as simple as a leaking valve. Unfortunately, it could also mean that the boiler has begun to corrode and may need to be replaced.

Cool Areas

When your boiler isn’t functioning as it should, it may not heat your home efficiently. If you notice cold spots throughout your house, that likely means your boiler is struggling. 

Pilot Light Issues

Your pilot light should stay lit at all times and burn a bluish color. If it goes out frequently, or you notice a yellow-orange flame, something is wrong. Since there is a danger of CO poisoning or a gas leak, please treat this as an emergency. Contact us right away for boiler repairs that involve troubles with your pilot light.

System Switches Off

It’s a cold night in Denver, but your boiler keeps kicking off. What’s going on? This can be caused by a variety of problems. Your thermostat could be faulty. Low water pressure can also cause this issue. Additionally, some issues can cause the boiler’s built-in safety controls to kick in and shut the system down.

Higher Fuel Costs

Have your monthly fuel costs gone up? That likely means your boiler isn’t working as it should. Also, if your boiler is older, you might consider getting an upgrade. Newer models are designed to produce more heat using less fuel. Over time, that can lead to real savings.

Unpleasant Odors

Here’s another issue that calls for emergency boiler repairs. Unpleasant odors are often caused by leaking gas. This could lead to very tragic results.

If your boiler is in your basement, you may not notice a leak immediately. This is why it’s important to take a close look at your boiler from time to time. Check for dark spots around the system. This could indicate a leak, even if you don’t smell anything.

What Happens when you Need Boiler Repair

When you call us to repair the boiler in your home or business, you can count on us for quality work, honesty, and dependability. While the work we do will vary depending on the services you need, you can always count on us for:

  • Promptness
  • Professionalism
  • Free estimates
  • A clear explanation of the problem 
  • Upfront pricing

After troubleshooting, we’ll go over your repair options with you. Because we believe in empowering customers without high-pressure sales tactics, you will be free to make the choice that works best for your home and budget.

Dedication to Customer Service

Your service technician will show up on time as promised. They will work efficiently and will complete any repairs correctly the first time. Our boiler repair technicians will treat your home just like they would their own and leave their work area as tidy as they found it.

Boiler Repair Services in Denver 

If you notice any of the problems listed above, don’t hesitate to call Mac-Vik. We’ve been repairing boilers for Denver residents for more than 50 years. We proudly stand behind our work with a 12-month labor warranty. 

We’re confident that you will find our prices to be both fair and competitive. However, we know that boiler repairs and replacement services can be expensive. Because of this, we offer great financing options along with military and senior discounts.

Free Estimates For Boiler Repairs

If you have been searching for boiler repair near me, you have found your local service provider. MacVik technicians are EPA-certified and receive extensive training. In addition to this, we are fully licensed and insured. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your boiler is being repaired by a team you can trust.

Don’t wait for the next cold snap. Mac-Vik is ready to fix your boiler today. Call us now for a free estimate. We’ll send a technician out to troubleshoot your boiler and arrange for any repairs.

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