Ductless Mini Split Installation in Denver, Colorado

If there are no ducts yet in your home, then having a central AC unit installed there may cost you a lot. While such a system is a convenient way of having cool air in the whole house, some homeowners simply cannot afford it. Luckily there are many other options for these people who still want to cool their homes but cannot buy a central AC unit.

If you live in a drier climate, one cost-effective solution is an evaporative cooler, also known as a swamp cooler. However, they have a tendency to make a lot of noise and their cooling abilities are also restricted. Other countries have been using the ductless mini-split system as a substitute for ductless air conditioning for a long time. This AC system is easy to install and is energy efficient as well.

How does ductless air conditioning work?

Ductless systems require a condenser that’s installed outdoors and air handling units installed in each room. Air handlers draw in room air, cool it with a refrigerant, and return it into the room. The heat is transferred by way of a conduit connected to the outdoor unit, which then transfers the heat into the atmosphere.

These air handler fans are designed to be quieter than a plug-in fan and are not louder than central AC. The condenser is the loudest system component but is always installed outside the home.

Air handlers can be mounted on or in the ceiling or a wall in any room needing air conditioning. You can choose to have a separate control for each air handler or to have them all connected to a central thermostat.

Multiple thermostats can be installed all over the house to create different zones of cool temperatures. For example, this is great for cooling an area of your house only when guests are present. Typically, a ductless system can have up to four different zones.

What are the benefits of ductless systems?

A ductless mini-split air conditioning system is very easy to install for a home without ducts. Normally homeowners have the liberty of choice in the kind of air handlers installed and where they are set inside the room. Those that appear to lay flush with the wall or the ceiling would come at a higher price tag but would look better.

It’s usually necessary to cut holes in the walls and ceilings and give up a certain amount of closet space to install the ductwork to retrofit a home for central air conditioning. A ductless device, however, needs only a small hole to attach the indoor air handlers to the outdoor condenser module.

Because a ductless AC doesn’t need a large pathway for air to travel, they are typically more energy-efficient than central AC. Ductless systems are generally about 30% more energy-efficient than central AC, which translates into lower utility bills. Small gaps around seams, or other ways that air can leak from ductwork, account for the higher energy use.

Ductless mini-split systems are a way that homeowners can cool different parts of the house at different times. They can have a set temperature that is appropriate for sleeping in the bedrooms. Being able to control cooling zones can also help lower power bills.

A ductless system is better than a window AC unit because it doesn’t compromise the safety of your home or allow pests to get in through a partially open window. Ductless systems give you more flexibility in placing equipment because a room only has so many windows. They can in like manner be set to warm in the winter, giving dual functionality to a home.

Professional Installation

If you have opted for the ductless mini-split air conditioning system for your home, an AC professional can easily have such a system installed in your home. They will take measurements of your home to estimate the number of units necessary to cool the space and brief you about zoning if suitable.

Homeowners may be tempted to install a ductless system on their own, but it’s far safer to have it done by a professional who knows how to install wiring and safely handle toxic refrigerants. An expert can also advise on the better placement of your air handlers and the best style of units suitable for your home. When it is time to repair, service, or replace your system then an AC professional can do all those things for you.