AC Repair in Denver, Colorado

Picture this: it’s a dry summer day in Denver, and temperatures have reached a stifling high. You smile, though, because you have the gift of air conditioning. You reach for the AC remote, push the power button, and – you can hardly feel the airflow. As you melt away, you search on Google for possible solutions but to no avail. No need to scout the internet for “AC repair in Denver”; Mac-Vik Plumbing & Heating has your back this summer. 

Signs to Call for AC Repair

Your AC unit may not entirely stop working. You may notice a drop in performance or an odd smell, but the unit still appears to function. However, even though your AC is technically working, there may be a problem that needs attention. It could damage your unit beyond repair, forcing you to get a replacement. Contact Mac-Vik Plumbing & Heating, your friendly AC repair contractor, if you have these problems.

Low Airflow

If your AC is on, and you hear it running, but you can’t feel any cool air, the ducts or compressor might be faulty. This problem can run your electricity bill up and waste valuable energy. Air conditioner repair is no problem for Mac-Vik Plumbing & Heating. Call us today to fix your AC so you can stay cool.

Inconsistent Temperatures 

It’s natural for upper levels to be slightly warmer than lower ones. However, if the temperature difference is noticeable – and irritating – there is likely a problem with your AC. Call us today for an air conditioning repair. 

Bad Smells and Odd Noises

An unpleasant smell could be from burning wires or mold accumulated on the ducts. If you hear a loud grinding noise coming from the unit, you should not use your AC until you call us to handle your air conditioner repair. Ongoing use will further damage your AC.

Unit is leaking

If you notice a leak in your AC unit, it could be water or a toxic coolant. Both substances can be dangerous and cause permanent damage. Water leaks could mean that your condensation tubes need to be replaced; coolant leaks are a sign of damaged lines that also need to be replaced. 

Faulty Thermostat

If you notice an inconsistent temperature from your AC, there could be a problem with your switch. This counts as AC repair; you may not need to replace anything. One of our experts will inspect the wiring and do a recalibration. Mac-Vik Plumbing & Heating is happy to help with AC repair in Denver. 

Increased Electricity Bill

When your AC uses more electricity than usual, it is working harder to maintain the temperature. If it is doing this, there is a problem that needs attention. Don’t waste unnecessary energy; call us today to care for all your air conditioning repair needs.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Air conditioners function best when they are well maintained. This ranges from regular cleaning to upgrading old parts. Your AC unit should be serviced once a year for optimal performance. Although anything can go wrong in the system despite regular annual services, it can certainly lower the chances of these malfunctions occurring. In the long-run, annual service prolongs the life of your much-needed AC unit.  

AC Repairs in Denver Has Never Been Easier

Things can stop working in any complex system, and an AC unit is one of those complex systems. It is best to let an expert trained to navigate these complex systems inspect and repair your AC unit should something go wrong. Fortunately, Mac-Vik Plumbing & Heating is the best AC repair contractor; we would love to be responsible for your AC repairs in Denver. 

Don’t be left to melt in the Denver summers with a broken air conditioner. Call us today at (303) 279-7971, so we can schedule a time that’s most convenient for you to discuss your AC repairs in Denver.