AC Installation in Denver, Colorado

Whether you’re looking for an AC replacement for your failing unit or searching for something more efficient to save on energy bills, Mac Vik Plumbing & Heating is ready to assist. A reliable air conditioning system starts with a reliable air conditioning installation expert. 

Our skilled AC installation experts provide services throughout the Denver area and are committed to exceptional customer service and satisfaction. 

Older air conditioners begin to show signs of deterioration slowly and must work harder to provide cool air. When this happens, you’ll need the professional AC installation services of a team you can trust, like Mac Vik Plumbing & Heating.

The knowledgeable technicians on our Denver, CO, team are backed by years of experience with AC installation services. We’ll make sure we get the job done right the first time. 

Signs You Should Consider an AC Replacement 

Obviously, it’s time to upgrade when your AC system no longer turns on. But there are less noticeable signs you need to keep an eye out for. If any of the following sound familiar to you, give our team a call.  

  • You’ve had the same unit for more than 10 years
  • You have a system that still uses R22 refrigerant
  • Your utility bills are increasing 
  • Frequent repairs are needed 
  • Your home feels warm despite the AC constantly running 
  • The warranty has expired or is void 
  • You are trying to be more eco friendly 

At Mac Vik Plumbing & Heating in Denver, CO, you’ll be guided through the steps to select the best replacement AC unit that will meet the demands of your home. You can trust that our technicians are updated with the best air conditioning technologies and products available today.   

Benefits You Get with an AC Replacement 

Investing in a new air conditioner is a high cost. But there are plenty of reasons you should move forward with an upgrade. 

Noticeable Energy Savings 

Air conditioning technology has vastly improved throughout the last several decades, making AC systems more efficient. Although it can cost more upfront, you’ll begin to notice that your new system is cooling your home for less money. 

Better Indoor Air Quality 

Your air ducts will be checked and cleaned during your air conditioning installation to remove the dust and debris collected. With less dust moving through your home, you’ll have improved indoor air quality. This can be maintained by regularly changing your air filters.  

Opportunity to Resize Your Unit 

If you’ve made any additions to your home, there’s a chance your air conditioner can no longer effectively cool your rooms. You may notice your unit struggling to keep the temperature even on those hot days. Installing a new air conditioner can help you fix that problem by selecting an appropriately sized unit. 

Fewer Repairs 

Older air conditioners will constantly need repairs to keep them operating. Regular service calls are costing you money! These repair bills quickly add up and can cost more than the price of a new unit. Investing in a replacement will potentially save you hundreds of dollars.  

Anytime you have a new air conditioner installed, you should notice your home remaining at a comfortable indoor temperature regardless of the outdoor heat. You could have a system that lasts for many years with regular maintenance appointments! 

Hiring a Professional for Your Air Conditioning Installation 

When you are replacing an air conditioner, it’s not the time to try to cut corners. You may create more problems with your system and have to call a professional for expensive repairs. Below are some of the most important reasons you should hire a trained AC installation contractor. 

  • Avoid nullifying your warranty 
  • Protect you and your family 
  • Benefit from expertise and experience 
  • Hold us accountable for faulty work 

Our work is backed by a 12-month warranty, so we’re happy to make it right if there is a problem. 

Free Estimates on Air Conditioning Installation 

At Mac Vik Plumbing & Heating, we know our customers value transparency. You’ll never have to worry about the price of your installation because we will provide 100% upfront and honest pricing. Installing a new air conditioner is already a significant investment. With us, you won’t have surprise charges added.  

Trust Our Team of AC Installation Experts 

You should never feel nervous about having professional services completed in your home. We want you to feel comfortable, so every technician goes through a background check and drug screening before they are hired. On top of that, they have years of industry experience and are fully licensed and insured.   

You can trust our professionally trained staff when you need an AC replacement. Our technicians will always make the best recommendations for your home. They will not pressure you to accept service or a unit you don’t need.  

Upgrade Your Air Conditioner in Denver, CO, Today

Are you tired of paying for regular repairs to your current air conditioner? For reliable and dedicated AC services, contact the family-owned company at Mac Vik Plumbing & Heating to schedule a responsive and efficient team of contractors. 

Call us today to see how our AC installation services can benefit your home.