Improving Home Air Quality

Denver HVAC Tips – Improving Your Denver Home Air Quality

When people think of air pollution they tend to think of the air outside  especially with the air quality in Denver, CO with all of the smoke. But air pollution also affects indoor air. Given that most people spend on average 87% of their time indoors one would think that it might be important to ensure the air you breathe most often is better. In our part of the world we might even spend more time indoors given our two seasons of Hot and Cold. While we benefit from fewer pollutant causing factors than more populated areas, i.e., traffic, manufacturing, mining, etc., we still suffer the drawbacks of airborne pollutants resulting from those factors and others to include wildfires and wildlife. Other factors can include dangerous gas leaks and contaminants brought into the home by pets. Older homes may contain asbestos, lead particles and radon. Be sure to consult a professional if your older home may have these contaminants present.

Here are some other ways to improve the air quality of your Denver home

  • Change the AC filter. We’re a broken record on this, but it is a simple, affordable, HUGE step you can take in bettering your indoor air quality.
  • Change other filters. Huh? Think about other appliances that have a filter…vacuum cleaner, clothes dryer, bathroom vents, kitchen vents. Speaking of kitchen vents…
  • Use it whenever you cook. Gas stoves emit carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, as do electric ranges in lower levels. If your kitchen is ventless, crack a window.
  • Clean rugs and carpets regularly. Contaminants love to hang out in rugs and carpets. Vacuum (with that clean filter) your floor coverings once a week to minimize contamination spread.
  • Check and clean air ducts, especially in older homes. Make a point to have them professionally cleaned periodically.
  • Humidity breeds mold and mildew and the presence of both can cause respiratory issues. Invest in a dehumidifier if your HVAC system does not include one. 
  • Place plants around the home to freshen the air. Plants are nature’s air filters and they enhance the decor of your house.